Decision Making

We help our clients to make the right decisions throughout the development phase of their assets, accounting for the full value chain of LNG and LPG production, all the way from subsea wells, the FLNG vessel, LNG and LPG shipping to the LNG terminals, and the final regasification into a pipeline system that feeds the consumers.

We are able to map and review conceptual options and to test their robustness under different scenarios. Furthermore we are able to identify risks and develop mitigation plans. Our engineers can analyse available early field data and evaluate and review FLNG development options for our clients. The aim is to fully evaluate pros and cons and arrive at the optimum FLNG concept.

Business Development Planning

Field Development Plans identify how to produce the economically recoverable reserves as cost effectively as possible. To provide a secure financial investment model it is essential to collect accurate data and to undertake a thorough analysis which considers all major aspects throughout the lifetime of the FLNG facility.

Asset Valuation

In the approach-sensitive world of mergers and acquisitions, we can provide a non-invasive confidential service of due diligence of a FLNG prospect, without providing indications of interest that may affect the asset value.

Gas Monetisation

The monetisation of "stranded" gas assets through FLNG technology is complicated as there are many elements to the LNG and LPG value chains, all with differing levels of risk and reward. FLNG.CO can provide assistance with the development of strategies to realise the full value of gas assets. High level market surveys can determine current and projected production capacities and prices of various available options and end products in the home and targeted regions.

Working closely with the client, in-depth evaluations of the findings are undertaken, resulting in a comprehensive summary report that enables a sound business model to be generated for incorporation into the client's long term business plan. FLNG.CO can provide financial models, CAPEX estimates, project IRR's and investment sensitivity curves.

Market Research

Research into competitors’ projects, LNG and LPG markets, and FLNG technologies is undertaken on behalf of clients to support key decisions and development plans. FLNG.CO is able to undertake feasibility studies for both upstream and downstream investments. Activities may include: product sales market research, product demand & growth in proposed markets, process evaluations, due diligence and technology reviews.